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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How did Royal Way start?
    Royal Way was started in 1979 by its founder, Dr. Michael Gottlieb. Incorporating his decades of experience as a scholar, a teacher, a rabbi, and a professional therapist, Michael founded Royal Way to be an accessible spiritual community for the modern individual seeking a better understanding of one’s self and a stronger relationship with the divine.
  • Is this for me if I’ve never meditated before?
    You do not have to have a prior meditation practice before attending a workshop or retreat. The beauty of Royal Way is that you can be anywhere on your meditation journey, from curious to seasoned. Royal Way is a welcoming community that provides the space and guidance to begin or deepen your practice.
  • What do the retreats consist of?
    Royal Way retreats are made up of a variety of discussions, meditations, exercises, and more.
  • Are the events and retreats in silence?
    Sometimes, but not always, portions of the retreats or workshops are in silence.
  • Are the retreats religious or do they follow a particular religion?
    Royal Way does not follow any particular dogma or religion.
  • What is the schedule of events?
    Royal Way offers a variety of retreats and workshops all year long both at our Royal Way Spiritual Center in the high desert and at our Royal Way West Los Angeles location. If you are interested in attending an event and want to learn more, please contact us here for more information.
  • What do I wear?
    Comfortable clothing is recommended for seated and active meditations. If you are attending an event at our Royal Way Retreat Center in the high desert, we recommend you bring outdoor walking shoes and a sun hat in the warmer months to enjoy the grounds, and non-slip shoes and a warm coat in the colder months.
  • Will my cell phone work? Is there internet access?
    There is cell phone service at both Royal Way Spiritual Center in the high desert and at our Royal Way West Los Angeles location. We do not have public internet access at either location.
  • Can I smoke? What about cannabis?
    The use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol is not permitted at Royal Way events.
  • Are there age requirements?
    You must be 18 years or older to attend Royal Way retreats and workshops.

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