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For more than 40 years, Royal Way has provided individuals with the space, guidance, and tools necessary to transform one's self.

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About Royal Way

Royal Way was founded in 1979 by Dr. Michael Menahem Gottlieb. Incorporating his decades of experience as a scholar, a teacher, a rabbi, and a professional therapist, Michael founded Royal Way as an accessible spiritual community for the modern individual seeking a better understanding of one’s self and a stronger relationship with the divine.

“Meditation is one of the
very few effective ways of
learning how to live fully.”


The beauty of Royal Way is that you can be anywhere on your meditation journey, from curious to seasoned. Royal Way is a welcoming community that provides the space and guidance to begin or deepen your practice.

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Michael Gottlieb the royal way

About the Founder

Michael Menahem Gottlieb’s life epitomized the spiritual journey. At the young age of 22, Michael became an ordained rabbi. Two years later, he was elected head of an orthodox congregation in New York and, at 30, was appointed Dean of Chaim Joseph Rabbinical Seminary. For 14 years, Michael studied and taught the word of God according to the Torah and Talmud.


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