Michael Menahem Gottlieb passed away on August 9, 2010. Guided by his teachings and the beautiful example of his life, the Royal Way community continues to flourish.

Royal Way retreats at RW Ranch are facilitated by Maggi Hodge, a devoted pupil of Michael Gottlieb for more than 30 years.

Michael Menahem Gottlieb is a spiritual Master who created Royal Way as an instrument for bringing modern man and woman to the experience of God. Initially he named this vehicle for spiritual growth Jacumba, because his own extraordinary awakening came in 1977 at the summit of Mount Jacumba.

Prior to this experience, Michael was a successful therapist in Los Angeles, California. He founded Professional Psychotherapy Associates and had an active private practice where he worked with individuals, couples, and groups.

Michael’s secular education was at Loyola University where he received a solid grounding in Freudian psychoanalysis and behavior modification. After graduate school, he trained extensively with leaders in the fields of Gestalt, Reichean, Psychomotor, Bioenergetics, and Transpersonal Psychology.

Michael has also taught and led workshops in Psychosynthesis, Autogenics, Jungian Symbology, Tribal Dream Analysis, and Journal Writing Therapy.

Intrigued with Russian achievements in the health sciences and their rumored successes in parapsychology, Michael pursued his interest in Russian psychological theory and methodology with some of the top Soviet mental health professionals during an extended stay in Moscow and Leningrad.

Always drawn to the East, Michael lived as a renunciate in an ashram. He journeyed across India and Nepal several times. Living and working with the outstanding masters of that period, he confirmed his deep understanding of the various systems of yoga and meditation. He also explored Tibetan Buddhism with the master lamas of Dharamsala.

In his youth, at age 22, Michael was ordained rabbi. He continued a scholarly pursuit for two years at the Gur Aryeh Institute for higher learning. At age 24, Michael was elected head of an Orthodox congregation in New York. At age 30, he was appointed dean of Chaim Joseph Rabbinical Seminary.

For 14 years, Michael proclaimed and taught the word of God according to the Torah and the Talmud.

Then came years of searching and discovery . . . and in 1977 . . . transformation.

Today, his main thrust reaches far beyond the therapies and far beyond the rabbinate. His approach is more inclusive and on a larger scale. Michael touches people not with their problems, but with their divinity. His teachings are universal.

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